*This post contains spoilers*

NOTE: This list will exclude ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3’.


5) Luck Be A Lady (Episode 3)

Firstly, I love how this episode’s opening simultaneously gives us an insight into Becky Sharpe‘s life and The Thinker‘s modus operandi; it helps develop the ‘villain of the week’, while also reminding the viewers that DeVoe is still the mastermind behind it all, pulling the strings. The writers do a good job of endearing Becky (a.k.a Hazard) to the audience, as well as demonstrating how dangerous and formidable her power of luck – or quantum field generation, as Harry might say – actually is. This is also quite a funny episode, even down to DeVoe’s very dry humour in the opening scene which I find amusing.

4) Subject 9 (Episode 14)

I really liked the character of Izzy Bowin and her portrayal by actor Miranda MacDougall. The use of a violin to channel her sound-based power is clever, she had an interesting dynamic with Ralph, and the bond that was slowly developing between them was so sweet, which makes Izzy’s untimely death all the more impactful, because by that point I could already see Ralph and Izzy making a cute couple.

3) Think Fast (Episode 22)

The opening to this episode is brilliant, showing DeVoe taking down a host of A.R.G.U.S. agents with all of the powers he has acquired from the bus metas, all done in one take. The rest of the episode is also fairly fast-paced, ending so quickly it catches you off-guard. Other highlights include the idea to bring Caitlin and Cisco into Flashtime (referring back to Episode 15); the heated conversation between Cisco and Barry; and the revelation that Caitlin‘s powers pre-dated the particle accelerator explosion.

2) Enter Flashtime (Episode 15)

It’s refreshing to have a filler episode of a season that actually feels essential to the overarching storyline. The writers create some very high stakes and manage to sustain that tension for most of the runtime. They also get most of the main cast involved in the action, in addition to bringing back fellow speedsters Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick (who it’s always a pleasure to see). Long story short, this is a really engaging episode that expands on Flash’s powers and works as both a one-off and a key episode for Season 4.

1) Lose Yourself (Episode 18)

My pick for Number 1 was a toss-up between this episode and Enter Flashtime, but Lose Yourself ultimately won out. Ralph Dibny‘s character arc over the course of the episode is bittersweet because his growth as a hero is ultimately what leads to his shocking ‘death’ at the hands of DeVoe. The Thinker’s victory lands a critical blow to Team Flash, affecting not only Ralph, but Barry (his mentor), Caitlin – who was just starting to bond with her Killer Frost identity – and Harry. The episode comes to a close with Barry gathering some of Ralph’s belongings, and the song that plays in this poignant scene – Darkest Hour by Lyves – is a heartbreaking but inspired choice by music supervisor Season Kent.

What were your favourite episodes from Season 4? Be sure to let me know your thoughts!